Intensive Agriculture

The Dura Vision Lighting’s SunLIKE System is a low-voltage lighting system designed specifically for poultry lighting with the correct colour, wavelength & intensity, has zero flicker, is completely waterproof, all plug and play. It has been designed as a simple retro-fit system so farmers can even install most of the upgrade themselves

  • Improve animal welfare
  • RSPCA compliance & reporting. RSPCA Meat Chicken Standards lighting requirements include: Provision of adequate light and dark periods (minimum 8 hours light and 4 hours continuous darkness in every 24-hour period) and minimum average light intensity of 20 lux across the shed at bird height.
  • Less agitation
  • Reduced OPEX
  • Full functionality



  • Full spectrum & fit-for-purpose
  • Completely flicker-free
  • Excellent ROI
  • 5-year warranty
  • Very simple to self-install
  • No electrician needed for R&M
  • Even lux level across the floor
  • ELV system intrinsically safe
  • IP65 rated for entire system
  • Can be rodent proof also
  • Full system but easily integrated
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Naturalé GLOBES

  • High output, dimmable, flicker-free, full colour-spectrum globe style
  • Usable in ‘batten holder’ fittings, they are available in both B-22 & E-27 cap styles
  • Contains no glass, no mercury, no lead, no gases and emits no harmful radiation.
  • Suitable for both domestic, commercial & agricultural applications & is very economical in energy-use too!

Agriculture Case Studies

Poultry Farm- OWEN, SA

As well as being sick of wasting money & time replacing faulty light fittings, the operators of this South Australian poultry farm knew that they were only just meeting lux-level requirements – & being “do-it-once-do-it-right” operators, he wanted to exceed them by a safe margin.


The FREPA board-member was especially concerned regarding factors of animal welfare & natural habitat. In our SunLIKE™ poultry lighting system, he quickly recognised a genuinely ‘fit-for-purpose’ design.
1) Flicker-free, dim-to-zero, full-wavelength spectrum & natural white colour are all essential features to simulate ‘natural habitat’, and
2) Fully waterproof, extra-low voltage & fire & vermin resistant cables are essential features for longevity in the poultry-shed environment!

Some of our Clients in the Intensive Agriculture Industry

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