Case Study : How boosting security lighting and cutting maintenance reduced energy costs!​

All smart business owners know the importance of finding ways to reduce costs, without reducing their effectiveness in any other area.

A large Power station in South Australia had old conventional flood lights serving as area and security lighting. Operating a large number of 3-phase 1000watt HPS floods was turning into an expensive exercise, and a maintenance nightmare. The flood lights were all mounted at a height of 34 meters and special equipment was required – about 10K worth of scaffolding hire – to change elements & etc. Age had also significantly reduced their efficiency and light output causing safety problems where maintenance workers operated in the switch yard below, where

More than adequate lighting was very important in this area for safety reasons, because there were high voltage lines and equipment throughout the yard.

Lighting was also needed for security reasons as it was strictly ‘authorized entry only’ area.

A solution was needed. The specifications called for high performance 3-phase flood lights with maximum ‘throw’, low maintenance and an extra-long service life guaranteed. The decision was simple: go LED.

So the old 1000 Watt HPS lights were simply replaced by 400 watt high-intensity LED Flood light from Dura Vision Lighting Australia.

Although not necessarily a concern for a power station with excess of power, energy consumption and costs were reduced 60%. Not only was this an enormous saving but the actual light on the ground increased, with less light ‘spill’ into the surrounding areas, providing greater safety and security benefits. Backed by a full 5-year warranty, these lights will certainly pay for themselves and their installation well inside the warranty period

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