Batten Lights & Fittings

Batten Lights & Fittings

Dura Vision Lighting Australia’s lighting solutions can cover the different requirements of various commercial settings like offices, warehouses and workshops. Whether it’s an LED diffused batten, LED linear batten, slimline Led batten or LED fluorescent batten, we can provide you with better lighting that’s more efficient than your current setup.

Our products under this category have a lumens output ranging from 1,950 to 4,560 lumens and are certified energy efficient. Our dimmable LED batten lights Australia options can help your facility reduce glare.

You don’t just get quality lighting fixtures; we’re committed to working with you throughout the process, from purchase to installation to troubleshooting. Have the right fitting installed the right way.

All our products come with at least 3-7 years warranty.


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