Barrel Hall Project


Maintaining constant temperature, forklift operating area and personnel in forklift area…these are all challenges that every barrel hall faces. Richmond Grove identified that their old HID lighting, which was required to be on all the time for safety, was placing a big demand on their energy consumption, and in addition, was adding to the unwanted heat load. How to maintain safe lighting levels and reduce the energy spend?

Barrel Hall Project image 012


Dura Vision Lighting replaced 118 of the old 400W mercury vapour lights, with high efficiency 150W Smart LEDs. The lights were programmed to detect any operators for immediate illumination and then dim down once they have moved away. This immediately reduced the energy demand FROM 637 KW/ DAY TO A MERE 34.4 KW/DAY! Another fantastic win – the instant illumination due to worker activity, immediately alerted other personnel and especially forklift operators of others in the area. A significant safety benefit!


The Delta has Smart capabilities with an integral sensor, it represents one of the firsts in the industry. This integral sensor means the high integrity IP rating of IP67 is not compromised and yet providing wireless operation, motion sensing and daylight harvesting. DELTA is leading the way to the next level!

Delta Smart -1.jpg


The Omega Series are ideally suited for a wide range of panel high bay lights and canopy installations – from cool rooms to fuel station driveway. It represents a great leap forward in replacement of the HPS and HID light products typically found in existing canopy high bay lighting applications. It’s very easy to retro-fit LED High Bay lights into cool room panel or canopy positions. The OMEGA Series are designed to maximise illumination and reduce glare.




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