Dragline Lighting Upgrade


Due to aging technology and high maintenance interventions, BMA
were looking for a reliable light source for their dragline and other
lighting. This would include both internal and external lighting, for
operator and maintainer safety.


Dura Vision Lighting worked with field engineers and maintainers to trial high
performance Helios LED lights. These were installed in the house of
some of the draglines and also on the boom to provide a cross section
working conditions.

Dragline Lighting Upgrade image 011
Dragline Lighting Upgrade image 012


Very satisfying result with 100% operating performance with zero maintenance for over 50 months and still performing well! Operators were equally impressed with the quality of the light, which is very important in any dynamic situation to reduce operator fatigue and increase situational awareness. Maintenance interventions for light replacement has gone from 3-6 months to no intervention for 50 months (as at July 2021)


The HELIOS series of high performance LED flood lights are powerful and reliable. The modular style allows for bespoke mounting options and provides light-weight solutions for light tower retrofits. Suitable for single or three phase supply. The HELIOS series can be found in a diverse range of installations which include dragline house and boom lighting, stockpile lights, hard stand towers lights.

HCR-800 web


The Omega Series are ideally suited for a wide range of panel high bay lights and canopy installations – from cool rooms to fuel station driveway. It represents a great leap forward in replacement of the HPS and HID light products typically found in existing canopy high bay lighting applications. It’s very easy to retro-fit LED High Bay lights into cool room panel or canopy positions. The OMEGA Series are designed to maximise illumination and reduce glare.



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