Intensive Agriculture

Poultry Farm- Owen, South Australia

As well as being sick of wasting money & time replacing faulty light fittings, Greg knew that they were only just meeting lux-level requirements- and being “do-it-once-do-it-right” operators, he wanted to exceed them by a safe margin. 


Being a FREPA board-member, Greg is especially concerned regarding factors of animal welfare & natural habitat. In our SunLIKE™ poultry lighting system, he quickly recognised a genuinely ‘fit-for-purpose’ design.
1) Flicker-free, dim-to-zero, full-wavelength spectrum & natural white colour are all essential features to simulate ‘natural habitat’, and
2) Fully waterproof, extra-low voltage & fire & vermin resistant cables are essential features for longevity in the poultry-shed environment!

SCF before


All those involved are very happy with the outcome! The livestock manager pronounced it as “the best lighting system he had seen in years”!
Especially impressive is the very minor difference in lux-levels across the floor from wall-to-wall (<3% variation!) In the brood area, an average of 70lux is being achieved, while the RSPCA-spec of 20lux ave is achieved with the lights at only 55% brightness!

Intensive Agriculture Case Study SCF S2F2 p1


The Omega Series are ideally suited for a wide range of panel high bay lights and canopy installations – from cool rooms to fuel station driveway. It represents a great leap forward in replacement of the HPS and HID light products typically found in existing canopy high bay lighting applications. It’s very easy to retro-fit LED High Bay lights into cool room panel or canopy positions. The OMEGA Series are designed to maximise illumination and reduce glare.

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A SunLIKE™ Lighting system will give optimum lighting conditions for breeding/rearing of poultry- correct colour spectrum, correct wavelength, completely flicker free, dusk/dawn dimming compliant etc. All of which will contribute to better growing conditions and a better ROI!

SunLIKE™ : “Better light. Essential to life”.
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