Saraji BMA


Saraji coal mine boasts an excellent safety reputation and in accordance
with it’s continuous improvement policy, recognised the need to
upgrade the ROM lighting to newer technology LED lighting.

Different offers were evaluated and finally the Helios Max was
earmarked for the initial trial and opportunity came to replace the lights
on LTA14. This pole is a critical light tower at the entrance to the ROM
and had a 360 degree light spread to illuminate the different activities
that were occurring in the area.


Dura Vision Lighting worked closely with the BMA project team and the final selection was to use the Helios Max. The Helios Max not only achieved the lighting design specifications with high efficacy but was able to reduce the windage and ‘top of pole’ weight.

The use of precision optics in asymmetric pattern means the fitting is nearly horizontal presenting a very low wind co-efficient which is important on high mast towers. The drivers were all remote mounted reducing the top of pole weight as well which in addition resulted in easy access for any maintenance.

Saraji BMA img102
Saraji BMA img104


BMA are very happy with the finished project. The amount of light flooding the area was exactly as required. The bespoke enclosures made for a professional installation which was carried out by BMA personnel to a very high standard.


The Omega Series are ideally suited for a wide range of panel high bay lights and canopy installations – from cool rooms to fuel station driveway. It represents a great leap forward in replacement of the HPS and HID light products typically found in existing canopy high bay lighting applications. It’s very easy to retro-fit LED High Bay lights into cool room panel or canopy positions. The OMEGA Series are designed to maximise illumination and reduce glare.


Helios Max

The new Australian made HELIOS MAX Led Floodlight Series is now available in 960W, 1280W and 1600W. These lights are suitable for any large area lighting, orhigh mast applications, such as, wharfs, logistics hardstands, mine sites, stadiums and sporting venues, airports, railway yards, transport depots, construction sites, power stations,etc.
1200W HCM



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